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Woman Survives Brutal Attack

Assailant Defeated Using Essential Skills Anyone Can Learn

In the quiet hours of an overnight shift at a suburban laundromat, a courageous woman in her mid-30s faced a terrifying ordeal. A desperate man entered the establishment, brandishing a gun and demanding money. Defiantly, the woman revealed she had no cash, which led the assailant to attempt a horrifying physical assault.

With remarkable composure and instinctive self-defense skills, she seized the opportunity to disarm the attacker during a tense struggle, causing the weapon to discharge and injure the assailant. Swiftly escaping the premises, the brave employee left the wounded attacker in pursuit. Thanks to her bravery and police identification, the perpetrator was later apprehended by the authorities, sparing her from further

danger and potential tragedy.

This is an account of an actual event that took place outside Philadelphia a few years ago. It is an example of standing up, surviving, and defeating a brutal assault with essential, psychological and physical skill.

Social and economic pressures abound in our culture, leading to heightened tensions between diverse subcultures.


Rather than dwelling on the root of these hostilities, it's crucial to acknowledge the escalating safety concerns in urban centers. Theft, vandalism, burglary, and assault pose real risks, especially in densely populated areas. The odds favor most people in avoiding bad encounters, but inevitably, some innocent person who doesn’t deserve it will unfortunately be put on the spot.


The foundation of preparedness lies in generating the right mindset.


Confidence, driven from a solid understanding of essential methods and strategies, forms the core of this mentality. Contrary to common belief, surrender and compliance rarely provide the best defense. While situational awareness is always essential, defiance and determination are crucial for a steely mindset.


With vital defensive skills, a person not only enhances survival chances and thwarts potential attacks, but also carries the confidence to avoid risky situations in the first place. By adopting this proactive approach, individuals can navigate the urban landscape with greater assurance and less vulnerability.

Easier said than done? Here’s a good way to get started -


The Real Life Self Defense Course offers practical and fundamental techniques suitable for anyone encountering a threatening situation

Without relying on magic or easy moves, this training empowers individuals through repetition and practice.


With determination, participants can master these essential skills, steadily building self-confidence throughout the course. By emphasizing realism and consistent effort, the program equips individuals with valuable tools to effectively defend themselves in immediate, dangerous encounters.

The video series includes ‘Protection and Tartets’, addressing the correct stance, focus of attention, and vulnerable strike places an attacker likely won’t expect.

‘Natural Weapons of the Body’ includes methods for deflecting an assailant’s attention, proper strikes, and “presumed” methods of attack that actually do more harm than good.

‘Controlling the Subject’ involves leverage in an attack, most effective ‘take downs’, and outlasting an attack through maneuvers, or in some cases, a safe escape.

About Mike Gillette

Mike Gillette is a tactical trainer for government agencies such as the FBI, DEA, DHS and TSA.

An army paratrooper and SWAT commander, in addition to a member of the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame.

He also served as a counter-terrorism consultant to the Department of Homeland Security, and bodyguard to Fortune 500 executives and film stars.

Mike Gillette

Tactical Trainer and Fear Management Expert

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Empower Yourself
Master the Art of
Effective Self-Defense Beyond Weapons

Effective self-defense isn't always about weapons or martial arts. For individuals facing any potential ‘urban threat’, a practical approach to self-defense starts with the right determination, following by essential tactics and skills that are very likely to disrupt a bad encounter, which in many cases is over in a few seconds. Understanding targeted defensive maneuvers have been proven effective in real-world situations, and as proficiency grows, so does confidence, enabling individuals to navigate hostile urban environments without fear.

Above all, be at peace, take care of yourself and your loved ones, and all the Best!


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